Prof. Lang Jiang Prof. Lang Jiang

最小化 最大化

Prof. Lang Jiang

Key laboratory of Organic Solids, Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences

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最小化 最大化

Address:   Zhongguancun North

                   First Street 2,100190

                   Beijing, PR China

Post code: 100190


Jiang research group Jiang research group

最小化 最大化

    Jiang research group was established in July, 2016. Research interests are centered on the molecular design and synthesis of optoelectromagnetic materials, fabrication of advanced functional organic semiconductor devices (including spintronic and bioelectronic devices) as well as device physics of highly-ordered organic semiconductors and large scale organic circuit application.



1、Organic optoelectromagnetic materials and device physics

(1) Monolayer molecular crystals (MMCs)




(2) Charge and exciton transport in highly-ordered organic




2、Advanced functional devices of organic semiconductors

     (e.g. spintronic and bioelectronic devices)


3、Large scale, flexible organic arrays and circuits





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